While I was out in the middle of a field walking our dogs, it hit me! I was struggling to keep the blog going through the pandemic. I'm not a great writer and I was worried about repeating myself to the point that I got bored of my own opinion - so goodness only knows what you were thinking!

Anyway, even by my own standards, I am a great talker and always ask questions so it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to change over from writing to interviewing! April 2021 was the first episode of the Magical Midlife Podcast which has taken on quite a good following and is now flourishing with many listeners and it's own Facebook group.

The podcast shares stories of women in the their midlife years who have overcome challenges, or just woken up to who they are and what't important to them in this new phase of life. It's a sisterhood, a women's circle that allows us all to learn from each other.

I hope you'll come over to listen in as I think you'll enjoy it! You can also join the FB group for FREE so you are sure not to miss any episodes. 

You can listen in here! 

Lindsay de Swart
Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay has worked with women for 16 years to help them ignite or rekindle their 'inner spark' and courage. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She's the mother of 3 teenagers, a wife, daughter, sister and life long lover of outdoor adventures. You'll often find her with Penny (her horse), Otto and Ella (their dogs), skiing or paddle boarding, depending on the season! She now loves coaching and hosting transformational retreats for amazing women in their midlife, most empowered years.

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