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Are you fed up of facing the same milestones each year and realising that nothing has changed, except you're a year older and life feels like it's passing you by faster?
You don't know what the future holds and you're not even sure what you want anymore. The goals you once had seem so distant!
The kids are leaving home and you feel lost. You don't know where you fit in anymore. 
Your friends seem to have a great life while you feel left behind. What happened? You used to be so 'together' and on top of life.
Questioning your marriage? Do you feel like strangers in the same house? Are you lonely in your marriage?
And...your body's doing strange and uncomfortable things through menopause! No sleep, no energy, emotional, and sweaty... holy cow, so sweaty!!
I can help you. I've been there.
I know how it feels!
I've felt despondent, fatter than ever and lost too! 
Let me walk by your side while you transform into the new version of you. 
I'll be there all the way, to help you to find the truth of who you are now as your midlife adult self.
Isn't about time that you focussed on YOU? 
This IS about re-inventing you and your life. 
We'll work together to focus on the changes YOU need to make - inside and outside.
This will take YOUR time, energy and commitment - and it'll be worth it! 

What are other women saying about their experience?

Things that rattled and derailed me, didn’t show up on my radar anymore. Those that did show up, didn’t sit there for long. I was clear on what I wanted and how to get it, and I was going for it.

- Lisa Marie Stonaha

I can't begin to express all the changes that have happened in my life being coached by Lindsay. They were fast and lasting. The voices in my head quieted and I had techniques to keep me on track. My life was changed forever.

- Nicky Coughlan

Soulful Adventure Coaching allows you to:

Find a new routine so you feel calmer and happier every day - 
Repair, build or strengthen relationships 
Gently let go of toxic people, situations & environments!
Build a happy, rewarding life 
Have more fun!
Start a new chapter

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I've worked with women (and a few men!) to help them find their 'happy place' and to relight their spark when it seems dimmed or even lost.

I got into personal development as a way to break generations of depression in my family. I thought that I would have to live with it too as it was bound to be my future! Over the years I learned that I didn't have to be a victim of depression or other mental health issues and that I could live differently. 

As a Mum and business owner, I've spent my last 18 years in personal development and professional training in NLP, hypnosis and coaching. During 2020 I put myself through a whole new chapter and deepened my training with Energy Medicine Studies and Shamanic Coaching. 

I've always loved to coach and host transformational retreats (when possible) for amazing women like you and now it's even more powerful than ever!

Let me help you to find your inner spark again and release your inner gorgeous, adventurous, wild woman!

If you've read this far and you're still not sure about us working together, please ask me any questions by clicking on the orange button.

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