Are you feeling a bit 'off' right now? 

Just so you know, you're not alone! 

We're in a pretty crazy time right now - well, it's been going on for over a year really - however on top of that, there is a lot going on with rather active astrology and we've got a full moon tonight too! 

That being said, here are a few ideas of things you can do to stop feeling like you're in life's tumble dryer and you don't know which way is up!

1. Please be reassured that there is nothing wrong with you! Even if your relationships are feeling strained, challenged or just weird, it's ok - not easy, but ok! It doesn't mean that the world is ending or that you have to take drastic action. It might mean that you just need to say what you've been keeping quiet for rather too long.

2. You may be feeling really, super and totally exhausted. We're in a massive shake up and energy shift globally, so a bit like after a very heavy gym session or a house move, you may just need to take it a little easy and let your body catch up to everything that is going on around you. (The body is the last place we feel it when changes are going on because it's more dense than our spiritual, emotional and mental sides).

3. Do you feel like you're reaching your limit or the end of your tether? It's ok. Now may be a good time to take a review of what you need to let go - it will be something that doesn't really fit anymore - a friendship, a job, where you live, or even an old habit. Can you live without it? If you can, then you'll know in your gut exactly what needs to go.

4. Are you feeling like your wild side needs to come out? Does a part of you just want to rebel from your everyday living? Now is a great time to listen to that part of you. Tune in to your 'wild abandon' and see where it might guide you to go. There's never been a better time!

5. Do you feel the urge to speak up or blurt out what you think about something that you've kept the lid on? Lots of people feel like this right now. Allow yourself to say what you really think - it may be the best thing you could be doing right now. 

6. The last thing I'm going to suggest for you is to be kinder to yourself. Imagine that you have a wound that is healing and you just need to be a little more gentle to give it some time and space to recover. That sort of sums up the transition that we're all going through currently. 

During this time tune in, trust your own guidance, let some things slip through your fingers while you relax a little and just try to enjoy the ride. We might be in this for a good deal longer, so the quicker you learn to go with it, the easier it's going to be!

If you have a specific challenge you're navigating through right now, please comment below or reach out directly to me today and we'll get you through it in one piece!!

Lindsay de Swart
Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay has worked with women for 16 years to help them ignite or rekindle their 'inner spark' and courage. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She's the mother of 3 teenagers, a wife, daughter, sister and life long lover of outdoor adventures. You'll often find her with Penny (her horse), Otto and Ella (their dogs), skiing or paddle boarding, depending on the season! She now loves coaching and hosting transformational retreats for amazing women in their midlife, most empowered years.

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