It's easy to see and even complain about how much we're missing out on while we are in various stages of lockdown. Everyone can make a list of the things that are different while we're all staying at home more.
However yesterday, while out walking our dogs, in the freedom of a local farmer's field, I decided to look for a new perspective just to change things up a bit. Like most people, I've been experiencing the ups and downs of boredom, feeling carefree, frustration, acceptance, resignation, anger, gratitude, sadness and any other emotions you care to throw in to the mix! 
What if lockdown was actually the departure lounge for what lies ahead?
Hear me out on this as it's the closest most of us are getting to travel for the next few months at least!

  1. the rules have been made externally and are not flexible
  1. we can't turn round and go back to where we were before
  2. we're not quite sure what adventures/trials lie ahead of us although we all keep guessing
  3. we're sitting around a lot more than we normally would
  4. we're facing the uncertainty of being here longer than we hoped or ever expected
  5. the novelty of having time to sit and have a coffee, a muffin and a chat with loved ones without rushing off is waining due to delays!  

On the upside, there might be a sunny destination waiting for us at the end of lockdown as we've learned to live a little differently on this journey. Some of the lessons are valuable!

  1. travelling light because all your other baggage was left behind
  2. leaving the daily commute for a while
  3. facing different challenges than normal at work and for the kids at school
  4. sitting and waiting is a peaceful time to catch on reading/watching the stuff you've been meaning to get to but don't normally have time
  5. letting some possibly unnecessary deadlines slide or even fall away knowing that they were unimportant or can wait until things return to 'normal'!

In the light that none of us know when this will end, or what our 'new normal' will be, I continue to hold out the hope that we will benefit in some already seen and some not yet seen ways of being in this 'departure lounge' for most of 2020!

What was 'normal' daily living resulted in catastrophic environmental issues, epidemic unhappiness and unhealthiness, mental illness and general levels of extreme stress, so I continue to hold out for the possibility for a brighter future and I invite you to consider the idea that what lies on the other side is somewhere we want to be!

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Lindsay de Swart
Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay de Swart helps busy, professional mums to rediscover happiness and fun beyond their career and family. She helps them tune into who they used to be before they got so busy and needed that they got lost in it all! Lindsay is a Mum of 3 teenagers, owns 2 dogs, a horse and loves to run, ski, ride and most things outside!

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