Healing with Horses

Your horse wants to help you...

What Penny taught me

Little did I know how much this beautiful and 'emotional' mare would teach me. The lessons that Penny taught me include patience, courage, strength and confidence. Before she came into my life, I knew that I had lessons to learn from the healing energy of horses, what I didn't realize is how much patience and courage it would take to learn them!

I had many healing techniques to work with humans, but Penny was gracious enough to challenge me to practise them with her too. She enthusiastically gave me feedback for everything I did right and everything I did wrong! 

The more she taught me, the more research I did, with reading books, seeking out new teachers and taking courses to further my understanding of how to work with her and understand more.

As we gained trust in each other, I learned to 'listen' to her messages. She taught me when to be more gentle and when to be more assertive and stand up for myself. None of these were easy lessons to learn!

After working with her for 18 months and seeing profound results in us both, I was fortunate enough to be trusted by other horse owners to help them too. 

On this page you'll find healing stories shared by owners and their horses. They are detailed, so please be patient. Each partnership is unique and so are their stories.

Eleanor and Kit

"I had recently purchased my first horse and learned that he was ‘shut down’;  I wanted to learn to better understand him and to be a better owner and rider. 

I was immediately drawn to Lindsay’s incredible energy, sense of humour and positive attitude.  She is an experienced horsewoman and incredible at reading both people and horses. I could feel a shift in both myself and my horse as Lindsay worked. 

I would go so far as to say that I can pinpoint our first session with Lindsay as being a turning point in our relationship.  Lindsay did a total of three sessions with my horse and I only wish I had done it sooner.  I actually witnessed a change in his demeanour immediately after our sessions. 

I credit Lindsay for taking an almost impossible to catch horse to one that will gladly walk up to me in the paddock. She also helped me become more accountable for my energy and what I bring to the partnership with my horse.  

If you are seeking a better understanding of your horse and seek a closer connection you will not regret reaching out to Lindsay."

Sara and Prime

"Let me start with a bit of background on my horse Prime. 

I got him as a way of healing and thought he would be the missing piece of his brother whom was my heart horse that I lost a few years back. After two years with Prime, our connection was there but not on a deep level. I always felt Prime was tense and never really releasing with me. 

I had heard amazing things about Lindsay’s work so thought I would give it a try. Upon beginning the session she too felt him tense in his energy and he communicated to her “I’m not my brother”. This moment brought me to tears and it was a release on both our ends. I knew I was holding expectations of Prime to be like his brother, but I never could have imagined that’s what was holding us back. 

Since the session it has been like a new start for us both. He is more relaxed with me and has been able to ground tie which he never used to. He checks in with me more when he is unsure of situations and I feel a much deeper trust and understanding between us. 

Lindsay gave us both that closure of the past and the ability to create a new journey together. I am forever grateful to her and am very excited where the future will take us.

I truly feel we have been given the chance to start over and just build a relationship between us without the shadow of his brother's success standing in the way." 

Danette and Benjamin

"Ben has been an important part of my life for 20 years.  Over the years I've believed myself to be a good horse owner.  I've made sure he's fed, maintained, housed, exercised, loved & appreciated. I'm grateful that I've had and continue to have the privilege of Ben.  

When I reached out to Lindsay, it was originally for a dear friend of mine.  I believed (rightfully) that Lindsay could help her and her horse find some balance between themselves.  Whilst working with my friends horse, I decided to have a session with Lindsay also.

I didn't realize until afterwards how much both Ben and I needed it.  My relationship with Ben has always been built on loyalty.  What we gained from two sessions with Lindsay is a deepened mutual recognition of trust. I realized how to slow down in such a fast paced world, to be present and involved within the moment and  to realize that our partnership is based on not just me caring for him, but how much he carries for me.  

I used to show up to the barn, grab my gear and get doing...riding, lunging, "working" Ben.  And I'm not going to say that those things aren't important, they are.  But just as important is taking some time to share space, slow down and enjoy the privilege of our relationship.

Lindsay helped Ben to relax and for me to understand I can achieve a healthier, balanced result using a calm relaxed state.   It's not about doing sometimes as much as it is just being.  Balance is harmony.  It's ok to just be.  And by doing so, I have learned so much. I've removed the self imposed pressure and now have a happier, more balanced horse.  

Thank you Lindsay"

Benefits of healing with your horse:

Understand what role you play in your partnership - it's often surprising!
Help your horse to be calm and relaxed
Find out what energy your horse is holding for you
Get beyond traditional training issues and connect with your hearts
Build a happy, rewarding partnership for both of you
Tune in to the natural flow of energy of your horse

"If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life."

Wondering if this is right for your and your horse?

Sessions take place at your barn/field.
An initial session is £120 and lasts approx 1 hour.
Following sessions are £100 each.

(for travelling over 30 mins, a small petrol charge will be added)

If you have questions or want to book a session,
call or text me on

07502 428954.
(You can message me on FB or Instagram)

Tara and Sully, Logan and Auto

"I was brand new to Reiki.  Over the years I had heard intriguing feedback from friends who had used this method for healing but I had never tried it for myself.

I was recently at a farm and heard an incredible recollection from a friend who had asked Lindsay to work with her mare.  I have a horse at my farm that is new to me, who has proven to be a challenge, and my friends story sparked my interest.  

I set up an appointment for the new horse, Auto, and just for fun, I included two other horses that I have owned since they were very young.  Honestly I didn't expect to learn much about them....
Sully went 1st.

I have owned Sully since he was a yearling and he is now 18.  He has been the best horse I could have ever asked for.  Solid mind, consistent work ethic and always tries his best and most of all a constant companion and friend.  
What was my concern for him or us? Nothing! What we found out was wonderful.

In the beginning when Lindsay began to work with Sully at his chest area she told me everything I already knew...a beautiful soul, confident and loved etc etc..  Then she moved to his side/stomach area.  His breathing changed and he shifted his weight from her.  We took note and she continued around to his other side and he had the same reaction.  She went to his head/mind and he changed again, chewing and exhaled.  That told her that it was a worry that he had, not a physical discomfort.  

Then she asked me 'where do you hold your stress in your body?"  answer... In my guts.  I then proceeded to explain how the last 3 years have been very difficult with ailing parents and young children and I began to cry.  When I cried, Sully's body changed, he relaxed, he licked and chewed some more and then wanted to eat.  His job was done.  Sully holds my stress and anxiety and pain for me, in the same place I hold my stress, in his guts.  He is my rock and is here to support me in hard times.  My loyal constant caring partner.

Again...I think I always knew this ; ) but this just reaffirmed my love for this incredible animal and now I talk to him more and we have a new, higher level of a wonderful relationship. Thanks to Lindsay."

Auto - the real reason for the session!

"Auto is a 15 yr old Trakehner.  He came to me in October 2021 as a boarder and became mine in January 2022.  Lovely big athletic animal.  Unfortunately he had a terrible start in life with abusive training techniques.  He is such a sensitive horse, this treatment would have been detrimental to his mind.  He is the most sensitive/delicate horse I have ever worked with.  I was very excited to see what Lindsay would discover.

Sul and Logan let Lindsay right into their souls/Aura.  Auto would not stand for it.  He danced around, shook his head, paced, and this is with Lindsay 2m -3m away from him and from that distance she could feel his energy.  We moved him to the barn where he continued to toss his head (that is his stress indicator normally)  She then proceeded to 'ground' his energy and that was amazing.  she walked around him, grounding him and he then stood still...when you see this change, it is incredible.  She was able to work slowly through his meridian line, and when at his back, she visualized a bright yellow slime that she swept from his back (when I bought him, I had massage and chiro done on him because his back was so sore and sensitive from years of poorly fitted saddles) .

Because Auto is such a complex individual Lindsay came out a second time.

2nd session - this was much more productive, but it took time. He tossed his head and paced until we moved inside again and he still didn't like her very close, and at over 2m away she could feel his energy flowing.  She tried something different this time and eventually put her hands on him which he was fine with.  When she started at his chest area, she indicated that her fingers felt like they had clamps on them.  (he can have a very short choppy stride in the front, like he can't stretch out).  When she went to his back end he moved his body so he was perpendicular in the cross ties with his rump close to Lindsay, and her hands felt a very different more confident energy at the back. 

She proceeded to place one hand on his shoulder and the other on his rump.....he lowered his head, and twisted it slightly and started to mouth my pant leg.  Not a normal behaviour for him at all.  Lindsay could feel a disconnect between his front and backend and he appeared to be acknowledging this!  He kept his head low and close to me for the duration of her hands at both ends of him.  It was amazing.  

Auto continues to improve and our relationship grows stronger every day, and we're working on building up confidence in this kind soul."


"I brought Logan home when he was just weaned at 6 months and now he is 4.  Another great horse, confident and kind and quirky.  Not stoic at all!  Sully....never complained or showed discomfort when he should have.  This was all new.  If Logan is uncomfortable in a situation, new space, new work task, he would reach for me, mouth me, not bite, but grab me with his lips as if to say...nope.  I don't like this.  

Again, I didn't have any real concerns for Logan.  He had trouble picking up his left lead, that was it.

In this session, Lindsay started with describing the energy that she felt from Logan, with a giggle,  'he has so much energy'! like a youthful energy and she said that it felt like tingling on her fingertips. (comparison - Sul with a strong rolling wave of energy)  She also sensed that he looked to me for constant approval and guidance.  "mom!  Is that ok?.... Mom!  Can I do this? "  which is so true.  She also explained that sometimes he just doesn't know what I'm asking him to do.  

One week after the Reiki session, I had a lesson.  Logan was tacked up, relaxing in the crossties while my coach and I chatted for a while before.  My coach had actually had a session with Lindsay with her young filly weeks prior and we were sharing our experiences.  My coach described this unusual 'giraffe' like stretch her filly did after the session, and as soon as she shared this story, Logan did the very same stretch!  and then proceeded to nap!  (The 'giraffe' stretch explanation  - he tucked his chin to his neck and his body and head lifted/stretched straight up like he grew 10cm.)"

Carol and Jersey

 "I had a few concerns with Jersey. He was left to me along with his brother by my lifelong best friend, Darlene, who sadly committed suicide. When I moved Jersey to his new home, I felt that he was part of Darlene.  If I didn't have him I don't know where I'd be today.  Anyway I always wondered how he felt about having me as his human.  I lost all my nerve to ride when Darlene passed.  

When i heard about Lindsay and the work she was doing with horses and their humans (Reiki) I thought I should try it.  When Lindsay said that "Jersey was here for me", to help me heal, I knew she was right.

During the session she told me Jersey feels what I feel. When I put my hands out close to him I could feel a strange sensation in my hands. I did not say anything at the time to Lindsay, as I thought it might be my imagination. I asked her a few days later if I was supposed to feel anything.  She asked why, so I told her about the sensation in my hands, like tingling. That was Jersey's energy.  

Since we had the session, I honestly believe Jersey and I are much more in tune with each other. It was the best thing I could have done for both Jersey and myself.  

There has been a change. A calmness. 

Thank you Lindsay.  I am so grateful that you got us in tune."

Crystal and Rio

"The process with Rio was profound.

It was amazing to watch him trust what he feels, ask me for support as needed and to watch his body maneuver specifically in order to target stretches and needed releases.

The eye needs to see for itself in order to fully comprehend the beauty of the dance of healing.

Watching Rio step away during a session, breath and return for more confirms that he was benefiting greatly."

Hi, I'm Lindsay, and this is Penny!

For many years I've worked with women (and a few men!) to help them find their 'happy place' and to relight their spark when it seems dimmed or even lost.

I started my training as a coach in 2005. My personal development allowed me to break generations of depression in my family. I thought that I would have to live with it too as it was bound to be my future! Over the years I learned that I didn't have to be a victim of depression or other mental health issues and that I could live differently.

I wanted to coach others to find healing in the same way I had.

During 2020 I put myself through a whole new chapter and deepened my training with Energy Medicine Studies and Coaching. 

It was during these trainings that I felt a strong calling to be with horses again, as I had when I was young. This time it wasn't about riding. It was all about listening to the horse to further my healing and healing for others. 

Penny was my guide for this journey. She led me to integrate and implement what I knew about healing, and working with horses and their owners, to heal themselves and each other through energy and communication.

Let me help you and your horse to become stronger partners as you learn and heal from each other's energy.

Wondering if this is right for your and your horse?

An initial session takes place at your barn/farm,
is £120 and lasts approx 1 hour.

Any following on sessions are £100 each.

If you have questions or want to book a session,
call or text me on
07502 428954. 
(You can also message me on FB or Instagram)

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