Getting anxiety from your to-do list?
Fed up with endless tasks on your shoulders?

FREE Report reveals
5 Easy GUILT FREE ways to say 'NO' powerfully

...that work for women who have a goal, a mission and want time off too!

Take back your time and feel NO GUILT!

Busy is over rated!
Knowing when and what to let go of gives you more time to do what matters.

Who knows how long your 12-14 hour days can go on for?
What happens if you keep saying Yes to doing more?
In these times of great uncertainty and dealing with the unknown, taking on more will leave you exhausted and depleted.

Working with Lindsay has changed my life!
I have never been more clear on my direction,
my purpose and what makes me truly happy. 

Lisa Marie Stonaha

Lindsay is so motivated and really wants breakthroughs
 for you. The results have been so much more
than I ever expected.

Natalie Woodman
South Africa/ UK

Lindsay de Swart helps busy, working Moms find more hours in their day, stop feeling so exhausted and see that there's life beyond their demanding career. 

Her clients say that they finally feel appreciated, they like their kids more and they free up 'spare' time after years of putting career and family first.

Lindsay is a Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Energy Practitioner and a Mom of 3 teenagers.


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