Why is anxiety and depression an epidemic? Why do adults suffer with it, teens suffer with it and even our young kids are being diagnosed?

How come so many of my friends are living through hell everyday and feeling they can’t even talk about it.

How did we even get to this?

Maybe its in the water?
Maybe it’s the food?
Maybe it’s the way we live?

While all those may be true – my real question is why do we just roll over and accept that someone knows about our mental wellness better than we do?

This is YOUR HEALTH. Take responsibility for it.

This makes me so mad. Stop being a victim – a sufferer. It’s like Cancer (sorry to offend anyone) – why is it apparently incurable?

Because it’s NOT OUTSIDE OF US.
We don’t catch it.

It’s the way we’re living our lives today – it’s killing us – and we seem happy to accept it.

We are living in a time when we have more choice than ever, and we are choosing to accept a life style that totally destroys us.

Our food is full of chemicals, our water is full of chemicals, our media is full of toxic hatred, our movies aim to scare us and fill our minds (and our teen’s minds) with vampires, war and violence.

All of these are toxins and they affect us at a cellular level. Your thoughts show up as reality. You are an example of it.

Example: Your Mum and Dad had a thought, they took some action – and you are the reality.

See what I mean. So its the same with every thought you have. It becomes something.

Stop the hatred, stop the bitching, stop watching films about killers and murderers, stop terrifying yourself with TV shows that are horrific. Please.

You think it doesn’t affect you. Then you get anxiety, depression and terrible diseases. Of course it affects you.

Your body holds on to those negative thoughts – your whole life – unless you take action to help it heal.

Band aids don’t help those wounds. You have to do work on them.

How you live your life will determine how you live your life!

Every single day beautiful things happen. Acts of random kindness are everywhere. They are rarely reported on. Those stories never make block buster movies. They don’t sell.

I’ve had ‘depression’. I’ve been one of the statistics who’s life has been affected by it. I REFUSE to roll over and be told by doctors/teachers/officials that meds are the best course of action.

Bullshit. A change of lifestyle is the best course of action.

Stop protecting yourself and your kids from the ‘outside dangers’ and start looking at what hideous habits you are embracing in your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It’s emotional torture.

If you’re worried about your kids, look up things like Indigo children, crystal children and then you’ll know why they don’t thrive in the school system.

It’s old, it’s boring and it’s training them to work in a factory. You’d be bored too. (sorry teachers – I love many of you and I know your hands are tied in an outdated system).

As parents we have to wise up. We are responsible for trying to live up to expectations – to do everything and be everything.

We can’t.

And in doing so, to try and numb the pain of our failure, we’re making ourselves anxious, depressed and getting sick. So we have meds in the house that our kids then take for recreation. Seriously, kids do what they see, not what we tell them. If you’re taking them – what do you expect?

Why are they even doing drugs? Because they are bored out of their minds at being told they can’t do what we did as kids – and by the way, we survived – as they probably will too.

Our world is changing. I get it.

Stop trying to live an outdated life. Whats the point of living by outdated expectations? You don’t wear your parents old clothes – why would you live by their expectations?

Just like all the motivational quotes say, “life is yours for the making” and “this is not a dress rehearsal” etc.

So get out there. Live it. And do what you like that makes you happy.

Stop living a lie. A half-life.

When you jump, the magic happens.

with love,
Lindsay x

ps, if you want help making the change – that’s what I do. And you might notice that I’m passionate about it.

Lindsay de Swart
Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay has worked with women for 16 years to help them ignite or rekindle their 'inner spark' and courage. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She's the mother of 3 teenagers, a wife, daughter, sister and life long lover of outdoor adventures. You'll often find her with Penny (her horse), Otto and Ella (their dogs), skiing or paddle boarding, depending on the season! She now loves coaching and hosting transformational retreats for amazing women in their midlife, most empowered years.

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