Feeling like it's time for a fresh start?
Does your old life style not seem to fit anymore?

Do you feel there's something better ahead, but can't see it yet?

After this pandemic, does it feel like your whole life has lost momentum? Maybe you just feel listless and unmotivated? Maybe you're just frustrated at what you feel you could or should be doing?

Women tell me every day how they had such high hopes for 2020, even 2021 and now as things open up again, they're struggling to find direction and motivation.

Most of us ended up fire fighting and looking after everyone else during the pandemic. Now life is speeding up again and perhaps you can't seem to get back on track.

But listen to this…

How can you find room for new opportunities and choices when you haven't cleared out any of the old problems or fears?

A new way of life doesn't happen by taking on more and pushing through or ignoring your problems.

What if there was a different, more fulfilling way, to achieve your new goals?

Don’t get me wrong…

I know you want more out of life, something different. Even a break from the mundane stress and just being so, busy perhaps?

However, I have a feeling that inside you know that you should be grateful for the life you have, but somehow, something is wrong...

Can you really keep on going like this? 

Do you want to doing more of the same?

If you feel like you're struggling to stay in control and juggle everything, I have news for you...

It's time to let go of what you've outgrown and allow for something new to blossom.

let go of the guilt of not being, doing and having everything you thought you should by now.
wave goodbye to your life before covid - it's not going back to how it was.
accept that family and friends may be struggling and you can't fix it. It's time for you to come first.
you may be noticing the struggle in relationships, career, finances or health. What needs to change?

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back?

Maybe you need to tune into new energy and a new perspective. 

When you to find a new perspective you can solve what's causing the problems in your life. 

You can be supported as you release old beliefs about how life 'should' be, so you can welcome in what you would like your life to actually be! 

Imagine getting the chance to clear up the past!

Each session is unique as we start by looking at what you want to shift, then drill down on how the situation affects you and what's 'blocking' you from changing it. 

You'll see that it's NEVER what you think it is!

Coaching sessions help you to by pass your logical 'monkey' mind and access the soul part of you that knows how to get back on the right track of being true to yourself and living fully and on purpose.

Now you can:

Find a new routine so you can feel calmer and happier every day - even though everything around you may be changing
Repair, build or strengthen relationships with your family
Gently let go of toxic people, situations and environments!
Learn to have a fulfilling life beyond your family and career
Live with more fun and relaxation, yet feeling more strong and powerful!
Start a new project or adventure that's been bubbling away under the surface for too long now! 

What are other women saying about their experience?

Things that rattled and derailed me, didn’t show up on my radar anymore. Those that did show up, didn’t sit there for long. I was clear on what I wanted and how to get it, and I was going for it.

- Lisa Marie Stonaha

I can't begin to express all the changes that have happened in my life being coached by Lindsay. They were fast and lasting. The voices in my head quieted and I had techniques to keep me on track. My life was changed forever.

- Nicky Coughlan

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I've worked with women (and a few men!) to help them to heal from the first half of life so they can feel empowered and free to relight their spark when it seems dimmed or even lost.

I got into personal development as a way to break generations of depression in my family. I thought that I would have to live with it too as it was bound to be my future! Over the years I learned that I didn't have to be a victim of depression or other mental health issues and that I could live differently. 

As a wife, Mum and business owner, I've spent my last 18 years in personal development and professional training in NLP, hypnosis and coaching. During 2020 I put myself through a whole new chapter and deepened my training with Energy Medicine Studies and Shamanic Coaching. 

I've always loved to coach and train amazing women like you and now it's even more powerful than ever!

Let me help you to find your inner spark again and release your inner gorgeous, adventurous, wild woman!

If you've read this far, there is likely a way that we can work together to build your new future. Just ask!!

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