Most mums feel like they are going nowhere fast during the pandemic

But, with the right resources, they can get back on their feet and feel happier than ever.

Does it feel like your whole year has been uprooted? Lost? Thrown to the wind? Honestly, I never imagined my year would be so unpredictable and different than - well… EVER before. Mums tell me every day how overwhelmed they are with all the uncertainty, and I get it! We literally have no idea what will happen next this year.

With school starting, mums are facing a whole new set of challenges, stress and uncertainty as they navigate their families through the obstacles of a global pandemic.

But listen to this…

While most mums feel like time has been lost and “chaos is the new normal,” I want to tell you one thing:

You can succeed starting TODAY

And we all know that when Mum succeeds, the family succeeds.

Don’t get me wrong…

I know how good you are at juggling your job, making meals, laundry, your children’s activities, holding your marriage together, and even finding those lost socks that always get eaten up by the dryer.

But if you are like most mums right now, you're probably feeling a little lost and overwhelmed with the stress of juggling all of that while living though a global pandemic – stuck in the same house with the entire family…

These uncertain times have left most mums feeling out of control

…and I am here to show you how you can get it back!

If you are like most mums and experience some of these, Soulful Adventure Living gets you past these roadblocks so you can feel on top of things more than ever before.

And let me remind you:

You don't have to stay in no man’s land forever!

I offer coaching so moms around the world can feel more empowered, energized and equipped to end the year with confidence. I’m serious! As in… carrying the confidence through to Christmas… and beyond! (Let’s be honest here… most of us are taking this pandemic thing one month at a time.)

So how can you get there?

“This New Normal”
The Monthly Coaching Group for Mums Who Want To Make Life Better in 2021

Starting in January, I am hosting a monthly coaching membership group where you can learn how to navigate the stress and issues you and your family are facing during the pandemic. In this course will learn how to:

What are other moms saying about this program?

Things that rattled and derailed me, didn’t show up on my radar anymore. Those that did show up, didn’t sit there for long. I was clear on what I wanted and how to get it, and I was going for it.

- Lisa Marie Stonaha

I can't begin to express all the changes that have happened in my life being coached by Lindsay. They were fast and lasting. The voices in my head quieted and I had techniques to keep me on track. My life was changed forever.

- Nicky Coughlan

So why am I the person to get you there?

Hi, I'm Lindsay de Swart. I've worked with Mums for 16 years to help them find their 'happy place' within the mix of a successful career and a busy family life. 

As a married, working Mum with 3 teenagers, I appreciate the difficult choices that Mums face every day.  

And just now, it is more unsettling than ever!

I love to coach and host transformational retreats and courses for amazing women like you! Let me help you through 'This New Normal'!

Is it worth it?

YES! 100 times yes! For regular personal coaching it is easily $1,000 per month. I wanted to give you the best deal possible to make it easy for you to get ahead of your situation during the pandemic.

That’s why I created a monthly coaching group so you can still get some of the great benefits of life coaching while in the support of a group and all at an extremely reduced price!

Soon it will be $77. 
You can join today for only $47

If you've read this far, this must be right for you... jump in for only $47!

For the rest of 2020, I am offering you the same full membership at $47 so you can be sure to sign up and start your transformation now!
Just in time for your family to adjust to their new school schedules!

(available for a limited time)

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