Hi Beauty!

Thanks for taking the leap and investing in yourself to make this year one that you'll remember for all the right reasons!

We'll focus on using super effective (and painless!) energy clearing, guided meditations, coaching and possibly a little bit of homework, to clear up blocks from your past and which may be the reason you're not feeling like you might want to be right now!

Using the 'Midlife Pyramid' we'll look at the 4 key areas that make the most stable foundation to create an awesome 50+ life. They are:

1. Health

2. Money

3. Relationships

4. Time

When you've got these 4 covered you'll have a great platform to keep you stable no matter what covid and life throws your way!

So, let's get straight on with this and get to work!!

Logistical stuff:

We'll meet LIVE on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month - at 11am EST and 4pm UK. 

Below you'll see an orange button which will take you to the zoom link. Use passcode 2222. 

If you already have Zoom, just use room number/meeting ID: 721 812 7734.

The 2nd Friday of each month will be recorded content which will be sent to you. 

Everything in the program will be recorded and you'll have access to it soon (I'm just encouraging the technical elves to speed up a bit!)

More details will be sent to you as we get going! I appreciate you jumping in to 'Find Your Wings' right from the launch, and like most things new, they'll no doubt be wrinkles to iron out as we go! I'd love your feedback as we go please.

So, thanks again and congratulations for jumping in to 'Find Your Wings', and I'll be in touch soon and I'll see you on Zoom on Friday! 

much love and gratitude, 
Lindsay x